Top 5 horse racing event in the world

Horse racing events attract massive crowds in many places in the world. People who love horses, people who admire the adrenaline-driven races and folks who love betting on horse racing – all of them gather together on completely packed racetracks, or as some call it “hippodromes”. As the largest interest for horse racing is in the USA, most of the legendary races take place on American racetracks, but there are also some international hippodromes that are a must for every horse racing fan.

The Preakness Stakes

This amazing race will in five years turn 150 years old! The tradition and history that go into the making of this race testify to its importance. Since the track is around two kilometers long, the race finishes under two minutes if everything goes well. Incredible amount of adrenaline is packed into those minutes, especially considering the hefty sum waiting for the winner – $1.5 million. This race is the second most visited in the USA, and trails only behind the famous Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby

The most popular American horse race event is also among the world’s most popular races. It’s only two years younger than the Preakness Stakes, but it compensates for it with crazy popularity. With similar length and average time, many people wonder why Kentucky Derby remains very popular in comparison to the Preakness Stakes. The answer is – because history and records were created here. Kentucky Derby is very well-known also because of Secretariat, the famous racing horse who did well on Kentucky Derby.

The Royal Ascot

The oldest horse race in the world is Klipincotes Derby, but the most famous old race is the Royal Ascot. This horse race is more than three centuries old and boasts over 7 million dollars in prize money. Needless to say, it is also one of the most formal races in the world, being one of the first races in British history. It is very interesting to see this race since the dress code is very strict and formal – and there is a large change you would see royalty there. This is really an event that should not be missed!

Nakayama Grand Jump

If we decide to move to the other part of the world, we could still enjoy in great races, as is shown by Nakayama Grand Jump race in Japan. The most prestigious race in Japan is also considered to be one of the trickiest for the jockeys and horses, as it features different sharp turns and twists, and of course, jumps from which it derives its name. The best racer ends with a large sum of 1.7 million dollars, so it is no wonder they give it their all.

Dubai World Cup

Since we are talking about generous competitions, it would not be fair not to mention Dubai World Cup, established in 1996. The award which is reserved for the best is astounding ten million dollars – a sum outclassed only by the newly founded Pegasus Cup in 2017. Until recently, it could boast with the title of the most generous race, but it still can show off by its impressing hippodrome called Meydan Racecourse. Biggest faces not only in horse racing, but also politics and culture, attend this race and the gala event that follows after it in March.

The essential tips and tricks of online sports betting

Even though betting has been present for a long time in every culture, it is always difficult to get around when you start betting – there are too many options, many sites and many things to consider. Even though you might be well-versed in playing online casino games and discovering sites like which will show information on the emerging markets for gambling, betting on sports does require some additional knowledge that is specific to betting.

To get you started, here are some essential pieces of advice:

Find what you are interested in

There are numerous betting options, different sports and when you first enter the world of betting, it can be overwhelming. So the best thing is to choose some sport or area that you are interested in – it can be football, basketball, tennis, or maybe you are interested in some less popular sports like snooker or beach volleyball. Why is this important? You will most probably be more up to date for some things you are interested in, you will know if some players are injured or there was a change in the team’s management. This will give you a good advantage and knowledge needed to make an informed bet. Be sure to always have a special area of interest – if you pick football, maybe you will additionally focus on Premier League, or French League – so you will be really good when it comes to those games.

Get to know the offer

Whichever sports you pick, do not be deceived by the small number of different odds that pop up. You can bet on many more options by simply clicking on the plus icon next to the game, which will give you more detailed and specific bets and different odds. For example, you can always bet on the final outcome of the football match, but you can also bet about the minute the goal will be scored in, or the number of free throws, or the percentage of completed passes of one team. Incredible, right? Not all games have the same offers, and the rule of thumb is the more important the game, the bigger the offer.

Familiarize yourself with the odds

There are many ways to present the odds on the websites you visit, which usually depends on where you live. In the UK, they use the fractional representation of the bets, but most international betting sites offer additionally the decimal and American odds representation. Once you learn how to calculate them, you will see how they reflect the favorite or the underdog in the game (lower numbers show that somebody is likely to win, while higher show the lower probability of winning). Carefully combining several good odds, you will have an opportunity to place a bet which will be both safe and likely to bring you a nice amount of money!

What is eSports betting?

The rise of eSports happened more than a decade ago when Counter Strike tournaments dominated the world of online gaming. However, with the introduction of MOBAs – Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, DotA and others, the official tournaments grew in number and gained so much popularity that the logical step was to include betting options on these events as well! With multimillion audience, there are a lot of potential bettors – so a lot of money is invested and gained on these games!

The eSports betting is at the same time similar to and very different from the traditional sports betting. It is similar to sports betting, for example, because you can bet on the outcome of the match – which of the two teams will win, which corresponds to some basketball or football games. You can also bet on the most valuable player – also called the MVP – and get great odds. Another similarity to traditional sports is that we can find offers for eSports on sites like bet365 and Betway.

But the differences are exactly what makes eSports betting so interesting! Apart from the usual betting with money, you can also bet on eSports for skins or in-game currencies! That is right – by betting and winning, you can earn cosmetic upgrades for the games you play or just resell what you get to other players. And the best thing is – you can bet almost on anything. People tend to bet on players with the best KDA (Kill/Deaths/Assist scores), or on the first blood – the first scored kill, or which team will get which side of the map. Other standard bets such as the length of the game or the exact score tend to be very popular. All the other smaller options vary from game to game and can be pretty lucrative if you are a connoisseur.

However, it should be noted that unlike sports betting, eSports do not have a long history – which means there is no systematic organization of data regarding the scores and the form of the teams. Bettors often rely on incomplete or partial data in order to draw conclusions. Some teams are more famous, so sites will have more knowledge about how they play or who they faced so far, but don’t expect the same kind of detailed report for the wildcard teams!

All in all, the eSports gambling craze will not die down any time soon. It will become even more popular, as the games became played on an even more massive level. New options for betting will arise and more people will be drawn to this option for betting fans. Just make sure to familiarize yourself before entering the online world of eSports betting, and you will do just fine!

The best online betting sites with an online casino section

There are many sports betting platforms that only give you the possibility to bet on sports, and some casino sites that only offer casino games (such as the online casino 777), but here is the list of the best online betting sites which offer the best all-around array of products, including an online casino section!


One of the best websites out there is There is a sports section which offers numerous team and individual sports, as well two casino sections: when offers the virtual casino and other the live casino. Both platforms are incredibly smooth, and they load quickly, which will save your valuable time and get you right into the mood for gambling. The welcome bonus for the casino section amounts to an amazing one thousand British pounds, which will for sure be a nice incentive for anyone wishing to play on this website.

The casino sections offer a variety of games which include, but are not limited to, roulette, blackjack, slots and video poker.


One of the giants in the betting market is Bet at home. This betting site offers an array of casino options. There is the virtual casino, the live casino, as well as the so-called “Vegas” section, dedicated only to countless slot versions with different themes. One of the advantages of this website is that they have an application for the Windows operating system, so you can download it and significantly decrease the loading time, as well as access it more easily.

One of the most popular games here is the video poker, which has a quaint charm in comparison to other sites – it offers a ton of old-fashioned fun and the same experience as if you were in a casino!


One of the most versatile websites has to which welcomes you to the world of betting and gambling through its rich offer. There are 888 sports, 888 casino, 888 poker – all branches of the main website that focus on certain types of betting.

The casino section does not disappoint – it offers a huge and realistic bonus pack. Of all the offered gambling options, the greatest impression is left by the table games. The different types of roulettes and blackjack dominate the casino offers and seem inviting to the bettors. The 3D roulette is beautifully designed and incredibly fun to play!


The gigantic company would not disappoint its fans by not including the casino section. The subdomain of this site offers a clear overview of casino offers, separating it into roulette, blackjack and live casino, which is not innovative, but it certainly looks sleek and easy to navigate.

The most attractive feature is the offer of licensed themed slots like Batman Begins or Gladiator, which really give the impression of the original movies. There are also many card games for those who would like to try something new, like Blackjack Surrender or Tequilla Poker! The names promise a lot of fun, so be sure to try it out! Of course, you can always opt for traditional games such as Baccarat or Pontoon.